I'm looking to add an extended-range guitar to my arsenal, but have limited knowledge (and playtime) on 7 strings and baritones. What are some pro's and cons of each? I was leaning towards a 7-string because of my rather short arms/small hands, I thought the larger scale of the baritone might be a bit of a stretch. Is it just personal preference? I will be playing all styles of music from metal to jazz. Any recommendations of good models are welcome, as well. Thanks!
It really depends what you want, if you just want to tune low then a baritone is the answer, if you want the actual extended range then go with the 7 string. Baritones really aren't extended range at all, they're just tuned lower.

Also: small hands mean nothing if your technique is good. Look up videos of Shawn Lane and Michael Romeo doing their stretch licks and tell me that hand size makes a difference
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Alright... Baritones have largers scale, but not as thick neck as a 7-string. Baritones don't have a that extra high string that you might miss when you want to do a solo or something.
If I were you I'd go for a 7-string, maybe even with a 27" scale. You will get used to it eventually, and I think you wont regret having the additional string.
I suggest you to go to a music center or something and try yourself, since that's the best way to make up your mind I think. If you know anyone who have a baritone or 7-string you could try theirs maybe.

If you have no intention of going lower than drop A#, then you could just have a baritone. To tune a 7 string to drop A# you have to tune down the deepest string a half step, and tune up the rest a half step, which I don't like doing. It's all preference though.
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