I want something with wheels on it (and maybe breaks too), some box/frame that I could mount rack mounted effects to.

I got a quote for exactly something like this, and it was affordable, how ever, that quote was in July 2011 and... Looters tore that music shop up in the August 2011 riots....
So... I know they're out there, I just couldn't get one because of that.

That is at the top of my shopping list for my rig.

I figure, get the trolley, and then worry about what effects I want, be it distortion, sustain, wah, compression ect... Once I have the trolley, then I can really listen around for what I want and I want to make the move from pedals to rack mounted effects; to have a really cool tone/set up...

I have an Orange 30R Crush Amp that, broke down so I sent it into this shop that I mentioned earlier that fell victim to the riots, and the repair guy at that shop fitted a new/better part which actually improved the tone of the amp. I don't see any problems with getting rack mouted effects for this combo 30 watt practice amp, but if anyone knows anything about this that I don't then please, feel free to speak up...
I know the Heil Talk Box, for example, needs the head of a stacked amp in order to work, so, I don't know, I don't think that applies for rack mouted effects.
But first on my shopping list is the trolley to mount them on. - I want to get that to make switching to rack mounted effects easier/cooler/funner... I've always saw myself going from pedals to rack mounted.

Also, having them all on a trolley with wheels, just sounds great for open mic nights, getting my sound to and from the venue and such and plugging into the mixing boards around town.

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Let's begin with one thing.

They are called RACK mounted effects. Not wrack

It's not easier than pedals unless you go to something like an Axe FX or another rackmounted modeler that includes effects. It's not easier than pedals, especially if you plan to use a midi switcher to integrate existing pedals into the rack. It's also more expensive.

What sort of tone are you looking for? What effects do you need?

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I have a Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Standard with Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro Humbuckers, I want my tone to sound like the Guns N' Roses Paris 1992 show.

And also, watch me remove this thread, and open it again with the correct spelling for rack.
As far as rack preamps go, a Marshall JMP would probably hit that GnR tone really well. A TC G major would probably give you the delays and chorus you'll need. I still use a regular wah with my rackmount setup though.

Those two would still keep you at a 2U unit which can fit in a small rack bag. you could send it through an IR box (cabinet modeler) like what is included in a GSP1101, or just use a rack mounted palmer PDI. The GSP1101 is pretty good at marshall tones as well. You could add a tube poweramp and bring a cab so you have some stage sound, and just mic that up, or still use the palmer.

There are lots of options. Are you dead set on running into the board only?
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My suggestion is that you get the rack gear you like FIRST.

Why? Because the box may limit the number of pieces you can put together in one box. I have now 7 or 8 pieces. I wouldn't put them in one box because it would get heavy. So that will necessitate at least two boxes.

A power conditioner, a patch bay, a shelf, and a tuner could take up 4 spaces unto themselves before anything else.

And depending on which power amp you get, they can be heavy enough just by themselves.
Regarding you wondering whether or not you can use a rack setup with your combo, I don't see why not. I use a Bugera 6262-212 combo, and have a T.C. Electronics G-Major 2 hooked into it's FX loop, and it works brilliantly.

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Yeah, I wouldn't mind a new amp stack, and... I hope I can use it on my combo and.... I hope though, that's not set in stone.

Irn... Are you saying; If I got that trolley I want and then for example, got the Marshall JMP Rein was talking about, and found to my horror that the JMP was too big for the trolley to hold it, are you saying that that could happen?

I want to gig with it; yes, and where I gig tend to have mixing boards... So I want to line into those and would love a Marshall Jubilee anyway... But I just have a combo amp and would really love it if I could play it on my own amp, just because of the time and the money... Having to have a cool amp that I really want anyway, is going to throw a huge spanner in to my dreams for rack mount effect domination... But... Let's just say, I get it, can't play it on my combo amp, but can line into a mixing desk, I'd grit my teeth with that and not throw out all my pedal effects... but if I can line into what I want and... Use it on my combo amp, than bye bye pedal effects - I would simply just give them away.
I'm looking to start using dedicated rack mounted effects to get my desired tone and I just happen to have an Orange Crush... I'm not married to this amp or anything lol tbh, there isn't much I know about rack mounted effects, bare with me while I figure out some of these questions and suggestions.

I am so eager to make the move to rack though.
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I am so confused now, what are you people trying to tell me?

That it matters on what I want to plug into?

Let's say I buy the effects, and have a stacked amp with the speakers and amp head and want to line out from the amp to a mixing board; Is that what I'll have to do? Won't all rack mounted effects plug into everything?

I want distortion, wah, chorus and delay.
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In a nutshell, a simple guitar signal chain is this:

Guitar > preamp > power amp > speakers

An amp head is the preamp and power amp combined and run into a speaker cab.

A combo amp is preamp, power amp, and speaker cab combined.

A rack set up simply breaks out all the parts again into separate pieces that are mounted in a box.

You can run rack gear into the front of an amp head or combo amp. I do it all the time.

What I am doing in the above, depending on how the amp is set up- usually set clean, is simply using the amp as a power amp.

So when the above poster says "for an Orange Crush?", he is questioning whether the Orange Crush is a suitable amp for your application.
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Quote by treborillusion
I am so confused now, what are you people trying to tell me?

That it matters on what I want to plug into?

Let's say I buy the effects, and have a stacked amp with the speakers and amp head and want to line out from the amp to a mixing board; Is that what I'll have to do? Won't all rack mounted effects plug into everything?

I want distortion, wah, chorus and delay.

You don't want rack mounted distortion. You probably don't want/need rack mount wah.
You certainly don't want a rack setup paired with an orange crush
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