I've been asked to play 'Superstition' by Stevie Wonder in a Bigband
I'm trying to create a sound as close as I can get to the guitar on the original recording, As I'm not very good with amp effects, I'm getting nowhere, please help!!!

I'm using a Fender Mustang III amp

I don't know where to start

I can chose an amp, for exanple:
- a champ 57
- a princeton 65
- and many others

I can add a:
-Stomp box (Fuzz, compressor, wah etc.)
-Modulation (Chorus, Flanger, Phaser etc.)
-Delay (mono, tape, multitap etc.)

Can anyone explain what effects are used on the original?
Or how to create a sound similar to that of the original?

Any help would be much appreciated, as I have rhe first rehearsal for it next Saturday