Hi guys / girls !

I just wanted to show you some of my videos, to have some external point of vue. Because I live in a very small town an I can't play in front of real people ... That's why I play on youtube !

Here some of my videos :

Avenged Sevenfold - Bat country (2 guitars + bass cover + guitar hero BT*)
Machine Head - Locust (2 guitars cover)
RHCP- Dani California ( all guitars + backing track from guitar hero*)
Slash - By the Sword (guitars cover)
Guns N Roses - Nightrain (lead guitar cover)
Skrillex - Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites (guitar cover)

I none of those videos fits to you, then have a look at my Youtube page here : <<CLICK ME>>
Almost 100 videos are waiting for you

Feel free to comment
Thanks !

Guitar hero BT* : I mean that I took those Backing track from video games. So there is no guitar AT ALL one those :p Just for people stop saying "we can't do the difference between what you play and the original song"

PS : if someone here is interested into collab videos, just let me know
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