Hey, I'm searching for a capacitor which will cut as much high tones as possible while rolling down the tone pot down. I also want to make my tone pot a no load pot, so when it's at 10, the capacitor won't affect my tone at all, but when I roll it back, I will be able to get a dark and bassy tone. I have no idea what capacitor should I chose, tho. Help?
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1meg pot, 0.056uf or 0.1uf capacitor. I suggest you try a variety of capacitor values, a 0.047uf is probably fine unless you have insanely bright pickups.
If you're only using it in 2 positions (full on, and full tone bleed) I would suggest replacing the potentiometer with a switch, it'll make switching faster and will give you the best bypass. You could also use a 3 position switch I think, if you want a lot of bleed or not so much bleed.