I got a Seymour Duncan Jeff Beck HB (SH-4) for my project strat and a Fender S-1 "Stealth" switch to control it. I was reading the back of the PuP's packaging and it said can be wired series, parallel, in phase, out of phase. I'm just wondering what that all means?

My Particular project is a no-frills punk rock strat. Single HB (no neck or middle PuP), single volume, no tone knobs, no selector switch. All I want to do is split it so it's a single coil and a HB. Here's the questions I have:

1 - Which bar of the HB ends up being the single coil? My PuP has the Seymour Duncan logo on one of the bars (I'm assuming the one closest to the bridge given the orientation of the logo). I don't know if it makes much of a difference in sound if the single coil is closer to the bridge or closer to the middle?

2 - What does series/parallel mean? I know what it means generally, but as far as applying it to guitars and PuP wiring, what does it mean? I would assume it doesn't apply to me since there are no other PuPs in the "circuit", but I'm still curious as to what the benifits /differences of the two options are?

3 - What is "in phase" or "out of phase" wiring? The extent of my "phase" knowledge is its an effect overused by EVH lol. Don't get me wrong, it sounds cool, I have the EVH MxR pedal (doesn't really fit into my main playing styles, but it was a gift so I mess around with it on solo project stuff or when jamming), but is starts to lose the "hey that sounded cool" aspect when jts used ALL THE TIME lol. When wiring a PuP what does the phasing mean and do and what are the benifits or reasons it's done? Again, doesn't apply to this particular project, but I do plan on making customizing and full builds my hobby so it would be good knowledge to gain for the future.

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For which coil, you can choose, there are different wires for both the coils so you can choose which want you use.
Series/parallel is i guess if you use the 2 coils in series or parallel
and phasing, i dont really know what it is, i know how to do it but not what :p