Just a quick question. What is the pros of having a 5 piece (Ibanez) Wizard 2/3 neck over a 3 piece? Does it affect the playabilaty/feeling?
I've heard that 3 pieces are better than 1 piece necks because with 3 different pieces of wood in the neck they can each move around a bit more and they handle string tension better. I assume that it's sort of the same thing with 5 pieces neck when being compared to 3 piece necks? I have an ibanez with a 5 piece maple and rosewood neck and it doesn't play differently than my friends ibanez with a 3 piece maple neck.
Using multiple pieces can allow for utilizing smaller stock and different grain patterns. This can allow essentially cheaper stock to make a very stable neck. For 1 piece necks the best is 1/4 sawn stock which has the grain pattern naturally running in a way that compensates for string tension. However 1/4 sawing wood is expensive as it wastes more material from the logs.
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