What Ibanez would you chose between RGA32, RGA42(both new) and RGT6EXFX (used)?

I guess the RGA32/42 is most about the color and that Eq switch (does what?) They are both a bit over 500$.

The RGT6EXFX is 640$. The only difference is the pickups and that the RGT has a 5 piece Wizard II instead of a 3 piece. Or have I missed something?
RGT. Hands down. When the RGTs were still in production, they were the closest thing you could get to a Prestige without actually getting a Prestige.

But where are you located? If your budget is up to $640, you should have no issue getting a used RG1550/1570.
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I live in Sweden. I looked at 1570 first, but I decided to go with a hardtail instead. Next guitar might be a 1570