I have a little problem with 2 plans, I do not know which finger to use:


I have to do a barre for numbers in bold? Or use one finger per fret?

2) It is part of an exercise of 13 Freepower (sorry but even with the video, I can not see which finger you are using)


So for the third and fourth bar (for the numbers in bold), which finger you are using?

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Ok thank you!

Other opinions maybe?

It's best to learn to barre and roll accurately, however in some cases you can use two fingers - for example, in 1) you could use your ring finger for the low 5 followed by your pinky for the higher 5.
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Ok thanks, I'm gonna roll it. (except the last bar, where I take annular then major).
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1) you have to roll
2) in bar 3, you roll index, in bar 4 I use 1324 for the last four notes but you could barre the 2nd finger. I find I get a cleaner sound using individual fingers.
Ok thanks, I did the same things.

Hum for the 1) : for the opposite, I roll as well ?
"Sans la musique, la vie serait une erreur" Nietzsche
Yes ... that's what I thought !

Thanks! :p
"Sans la musique, la vie serait une erreur" Nietzsche