Hey guys! I just finished this baby after about 2 weeks of on and off working on it. Any mixing advice would be welcome as it's not completely finished in that regards.

C4C as always! Thanks
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Liked it a lot! Good chord progression, and a simple yet enjoyable melody over that. Only thing that I could think of that could be improved is the sound of the chord progression - sounds like you have some brass thing in that arrangement, thought it was maybe a little too "twangy". I'd try mix that part just slightly lower and beef it up with some other sound. But it's just a detail, overall really nice! Better than a lot of stuff that gets played at the clubs here in Sweden.

Here's some of my stuff if you'd like to hear that:
I must admit, I'm not the biggest fan of house; I don't know much house music, so I really don't have a basis for comparison.

The production of it sounds good, other than that, just the high pitched synth at around 7minutes is a little harsh on the ears.
Thanks for the crit on mine.

Yeah indeed this is quite different to my music, but that's ok, I listen to house when I'm out in clubs etc. Just not really at home, so I'm not really an expert or anything.

The intro is nice and calm. It sounds great, only thing is if you were gonna play it in a club, you'd have to find the right time to play it... like maybe later on when there's a more chilled out vibe going on, 7am or something hehe. Ah just read up on progressive house, this is the normal song structure for this then, has a slightly different feel to the type of house I've mostly heard before. Nonetheless, it's good!
Sounds nice when the mean rhythm kicks in a 2mins. Cool melody that comes in at 2:50. Listening to this makes me feel like I'm in Ibizia or something The overall sound of it and production is excellent. Nice work!
wow VERY clean. I cant say I listen to this music all the time but I really like what youve done hear. Like that other dood I never heard music like this with the chill out sex-shun but I realllly like it. I gotta give lots of luv to your production, its very nice. You have some nice melodies that weave in and out. You should strive for an album and get promoing!!

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Alrighty, I think the beginning drags on a little too long, you could of brought in the other synths sooner. But what a great synth sound... man sounds great. I think the drums don't do it justice, maybe a heavier kit with a heavier snare? Well don't listen to me when I make this kind of music I always want big snares because I love 80's music this part also drags on a little too long, but when the lead comes in I love it again. I wouldn't of brought in the synth string/lead I would of just kept the reverse synth it was interesting enough for a second time around and it sounded great. The progression is pretty complex, I applaud that. But it's a little too lenghthy once again it kind of seems like length for the sake of length which isn't something you want. But it's all very well done, sounds great. C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1512464