Hej all,

maybe this is at the wrong forum thread but ok.

i got a huge problem with feedback on my guitar.
i use a:
Gibson SG standard (1999)
Fender Jaguar (2004/2005)
Marshall JCM 2000 DSL (modified)
Marshall JCM 800 1960 Lead (4x12 celestion g12t-75)
Mr crybaby (wah/volume pedal)
HBE Powerscreamer
Zvex Distortron
Digitech Digital delay.
Nano small stone
MXR 6 band EQ
Boss tuner
powerd by Harley benton power plant.

when i play distorted with my fender i got a crap load of feedback out of my tube amp.
ive tried many things like not facing my amp walking away from it turning down the gain turning down the volume.
but still i get a very high pitched feedback.
i think its becouse my jag got single coils becouse when i plug in my Gibson SG there is no problem at all.

what could i do to be able to play at me fender jag and that i got less/no feedback.
ive heard that i could put my pickups in candle wax and scrape of the wax at the top of the pickups but seems little drastic.
i hope some one can help me with this problem

Greets and Thanks
DO NOT try the wax thing, wax potting is not something to play around with if you don't know what you're doing. Get a tech to have a look at it and see if the pickups are microphonic
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You have 3 boost or disto pedals going into a JCM. With single coils, id be shocked if you didnt have feedback. Turn the treble down or the distortion down and see if it makes a difference. Also how close are the pickups to the strings?
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If it's a Japanese Jaguar the pick-ups are more prone to microphony than the AVRI ones.