I got a ton of money last Christmas, so I ordered my dear of a dream guitar. Through the Guitar Center Christmas deals, I got it for $450 (it was originally $750, then one color got knocked down to $550, then I knocked off anther $100 with a Christmas coupon code) and I was pumped, because I knew the guitar would be shipping soon.

Then, the next day, the store it was shipping from called and said all they have is a floor model. I told them I'd rather have a new, in box model and they said cool beans, it'll be a few weeks but it'll be here. I figured I could wait and I wouldn't worry about it.

I contacted the store about a week and a half later to see if they had an estimated date, but their original expected date was the 21st of December, and they haven't a clue when it will come in. Online, the expected backorder date was the 13th of January, but come that day, it was the 20th, a day later it was the 21st, and today it is the 22nd. So, no one really knows when it will show up.

I even went through the pain of giving every Guitar Center in the country that has the guitar a call to see if they had any in-box, but to no avail.

I've actually been to the store to play the floor model several times before I bought it and it is in good condition and everything works properly, and I'm considering giving up waiting for it and snagging the floor model, with some haggling down of course (**** paying full for a floor model) but I'm still not sure on what to do.

What would you guys do in this situation?
Get another discount and take the floor model, especially if you have already tried it!
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Get another discount and take the floor model, especially if you have already tried it!

This is extremely wise advise. I'm in a similar situation except there's no floor model and I'm waiting for the guitar to be imported from america :|

Edit: just checked the guitar you're ordering, Hellraiser C8. Strange, it's the damien elite 8 that I'm waiting for!

Also, how come that guitar was originally $750?! It's about £850 ($1300) minimum here so damn you're getting such a better deal than me.

Anyway yeah, go for it and try to get an even better price. Good luck.
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If you like the way the floor model plays, and it is in acceptable condition, then try to nail them on the price and remind them several times that is nearly a month since you were supposed to receive a NIB model. Make sure to bring management in on the conversation too. You may be able to get down to $350ish including tax depending on how well you can negotiate.

If you want to wait for a NIB model, still try to haggle them down a little bit due to the excessive wait.

All in all, good luck!
Yeah I really should shouldn't I

Shame stopping at my girlfriend's to pick up the case for said guitar (which was where I was shipping it) is an hour outta the way
Write to the Guitar center head quarters,the better bussiness bureau, and your states bussiness rep telling them your story. Too me it seems your are going for the "bait and switch" ride. It seems to me you were sold something they didn't have, which is wrong and very bad business. You were sold and promised a NEW guitar not a USED one. If you do take the floor model make sure you are not getting the short end and get make sure you get compensated for the time you have waited IE strings,picks,straps ect.

Hell lie and tell them you wanted it for a recording sesh and it screwed it all up and cost you in studio time.
What the hell!!!
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