That song really makes me wanna cry, reminds me of good old Offspring...
I really liked your close to camera fingers, feels really aggressive
I found no errors, your playing feels accurate and clear although it's a ..dirty song.
Keep rocking!
Starting off, you already get minus points for not playing the intro. Also, the chords are not palm muted in the beginning. The B chord is supposed to have some palm muting in it and sounds much better at the 799 position rather than the 244. Gives it more presence and chunkyness I guess is the word. The pre-chorus needs work on the rhythm you're playing. Same thing goes for the chorus and I noticed a few mistakes just in getting to the right chords. The second half of the song you need to work on your strumming too. It's not just strummed straight through like you're doing. Also don't forget about when the Db chord is moved up an octave. Just work on being more fluid and practice a lot more. You have the general idea down, but need to fine tune a lot of parts. Just listen to the song and try to match the strumming patterns. 2 out of 5.
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