Been wondering about a hollow body guitar for a long time now. So I was wondering if anyone could recommend anything they have or have seen. I will mainly use for Jazz blues stuff and cleen solos/chords. I'm willing to spend £750 or a little over. Mainly I am looking at the Ibanez AS103 in natural or the Epiphone Casino Limited Edition Lennon, seeing as they have been recommended to me and I have seen good reviews, so any thoughts would be helpul? Mostly I would like to hear thought on the Ibanez AS103
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Epiphone P-93 Riviera LTD Edition...

Very Versitile and plays just about anything very well...

I've seen them on Amazon for $499.00 US.. Don't know what the exchange rate would be.
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Oh yeah and the riviera posted is awesome too, I want that

Although it's semi hollow
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