i signed up for emails from this site and some of the deals that they have going on seem to be way too good to be true. does anyone know what the deal with that sight is and how they can offer these prices?

the most recent one that makes me kick myself for not having enough money is an esp ltd ec1000 with seymour duncans for just under $600
They're legit, they get small stocks of clearance stuff and sell it. Most of that stuff can be found for a similar price on eBay, I got my orange on eBay for $675 new and then it showed up on hello music a year or so later for exactly $675 so their pricing is great but not necessarily a scam because those prices do exist elsewhere. You'll also see their stock doesn't change much, mostly the same stuff rotating every few days for the same price.
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I picked up a Roland GR-55 with GK3 hex pickup for $584 shipped. The best deal anywhere. I had to wait almost 3 weeks to get a shipped notice. Stuff they sell may not have the manufacturer warranty, but they claim to allow returns for 365 days. Not sure how they pull that off.