Hey, on saturday my Marshall MA50C suddenly made a loud popping sound, followed by a build up of static noise. Tried to play on it after and nothing happens in terms of volume, i've maxed the volumes on both channels and nothing happens.

At first i thought it might have been a tube issue but as far as i can see they're all still in working order, so could it be the speaker ? I emailed both Marshall and the retailer i bought it from but this was on Saturday and i don't want to have till wait until Monday for a reply, so i was hoping some of you friendly bunch on here could help me diagnose the problem so i can solve it and get back to playing.

loud popping followed by a build up of static noise is not something we are going to be able to fix over the internet.

it will probably have to be looked at by a qualified amp technician. i would wait until you hear back from Marshall or the retailer and follow their instructions.

i seriously doubt it is the speaker. it sounds more like a tube pin arc'd with the circuit board. hopefully a fuse blew and nothing got hurt real bad. i could give you some things to check but i wouldn't want you to cause further damage nor negate your warranty. plus i am not a qualified amp technician.

i personally never liked this amp so if you are within the Exchange period get something else.
really at this point, keep the warranty valid. its not worth it to blow your warranty over an internet diagnosis, where people are not able to see or really able to run through some basic things you could do to check it out.

keep it back, bring it to the retailer, tell them you don't want another one in exchange and get something else. you could do a lot better than an MA for the price.
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Pull the tubes out and plug them back in again. If that doesn't fix it, take it back.
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