Hey guys, im a little curious as to if any of you can track how much this guitar is worth? It's a squire strat by fender, 50th anniversary in black. Its got a bit of damage, i was just given it by a friend, and im just wondering if anyone knows its value? i was told that some 50th anniversary fenders are worth a bundle, but i dunno about fenders really, as im an ibanez guy. The only other piece of evidence towards this guitar i can give is the number YN625655 on the back plate, near the end of the neck on the body.

any help is appreciated
50th anniversary Fenders might be worth a lot, but Squiers? I mean, it can only be about 7 years old so it's not exactly gonna be rare
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the squier 50 year ones are meant to be quite nice to play. also meant to be worth a bit more than standard squiers, but given that it's damaged. doubt you'll get much more than £100 for it.
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yeah it's not gonna be worth anything, especially damaged. If it plays nice, mod it and keep it, but there is no $$ to be made off it.
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I don't know how to translate Squier serial numbers, but if you go to their website there will probably be an explanation of it somewhere which will help you figure out it's age.

For the value, the best thing to do is to search eBay for completed listings of similar guitars. You'll see how much they actually sell for, rather than how much people try advertising them for.
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Looking at my 2011 Guitar Price Guide, I don't even see that model listed. That's not to say it isn't valuable, though. Prices on used Squiers generally drift around $75 to $200. The most expensive model in this guide is a 1983 to 1984 1st logo Squier Stratocaster Standard. The price on this model is $350 to $450 US. Prices are for guitars in good condition, with no fading and minimal damage. You don't specify what damage your model has, but my guess is that its value is somewhere around $50 to $100, perhaps less.