I'm deciding between an LTD SC-208 and an Agile Intrepid 828 MN for my first eight string guitar. I am a huge ESP/LTD fan (and Stephen Carpenter fan, for that matter), but I've heard lots of good on Agile guitars. The big difference that I see is a 25.5" scale length on the LTD vs. the 28.625" scale on the Agile. I play metal, by the way, and I run through a Peavey 5150. I am mainly concerned as to which will last me longer as I won't be buying another piece of gear for a very long time afterwards. By this I mean does it hold tune well? Does the neck dive when you play? Comfortable to play? Etc. As far as pickups, I really don't care; I'm gonna replace them with Duncan Blackouts regardless.

My budget is basically $500 max, although there is a very small chance that I may get $700 if a buyer pulls through on Craigslist (but it's not looking very promising). In the case that I get $700, I will, without a doubt, be getting the Agile Intrepid Pro 828 MN as I love all the features. However, let's just run off the information I currently can guarantee (i.e. Give me help on which of the two before mentioned guitars [LTD SC-208, Agile Intrepid 828 MN] would be better for me)


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For an 8 string you want a lot more than a 25.5" scale length. Agiles get nothing but good reviews, and look pretty solid.
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