i bought a strat just a few hours ago and i'm trying out the tremolo arm on it right now and it takes like 20 rotations before the thing is tightened. also, when it's tightened, the arm is facing upwards instead of downwards. it's been years since i've used a guitar with a tremolo arm so i'm just wondering if this is normal since it doesn't feel right haha.
usually what you want is for it to sit like kinda floppy (downwards), and when you want to use it you grab it and put it like horizontally, and when you re through you just let it go.
some people like to have it fixed in one position, basicly, for that, you just keep rotating it until it sits in the right position without moving. dont get it too tight, that might get changing its position kinda hard
i hope i helped
hmmm, based on that, everything should be fine but still... is 20 rotations normal? haha. i swear it should only take like 10 at the most. but then again, all these years of not using a tremolo might have just made me forget. :s
Put some plumbers tape on the threads and it will tighten up alot faster.
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btw, and by 20 i mean that's how many turns it takes before it stops being floppy at all. thanks for the feedback too!
It takes alot of turns for me to
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Well... a tremolo arm is just a large screw, it's not broken if it takes a lot of rotations, there are just a lot of threads on the arm. If you want to know exactly how many turns it takes, you can take the arm out and count the threads.