I live in an apartment and use my Zoom G3 for headphone practice most of the time. However lately I have been wanted to hook it to a speaker. What would be a cheap alternative other than headphones? Would a Roland 20 work using the clean channel. Not looking for a tube amp or studio monitors. I don't have a theater system either. Thanks guys.
yeah it would work alright not the best tone ever, but its good for its price, you could even go with something cheaper, for what you want to do with it, check used stuff, you always find cool shit there
Thanks. I know that it's not the best. Do you think the Roland 20 would sound any better than a Microcube?
What I would do being you is get something like a line 6 spider and run the pedal through the headphone jack this bypasses the preamp giving you some pretty decent to of course you have to get a quarter inch to eight inch wire but you won't regret it plus then you can go through the amp at the same time allowing two guitars and two separte sounds at once
you could also get a set of computer speakers on discount something. they are cheap. i'd prefer cabinet emulation on the multi effects if i was using computer speakers.

you could also go cheap with a used spider, as mentioned above.
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I personally don't think you should buy a Spider or an MG right now. If you want the G3 to shape your tone, get an active speaker(powered speaker). Get the cube 20 if you want more effects/amp modelling from the amp.