I was originally supposed to receive a Charvel So-Ca christmas morning, but unfortunatley my local shop was unable to get in it on time . They told me it would be in sometime around new year's. When I went in to inquire, they told me that it could be until march-april before it came in , so I asked my parents to get their money back and I continued my hunt for a new guitar somewhere else.

After two weeks of searching the used market, I finally found something that interested me. A 2009 Ibanez SV5470A, near perfect condition, with ohcs for $800. I jumped on the chance and ended up getting it for $700 .

Haven't had a chance to play it through my rig(in the middle of moving) but this has to be the smoothest guitar I've ever played. I'm usually not a fan of ibanez, but there is something about the thin carved top that just screams playability. The AANJ makes it a breeze to reach all 24 frets. I personally love guitars with lots of wood grain showing, and the finish on the is just stunning. Much happier with this than I would have been with the charvel. Overall great ngd.

*sorry for the blurry pics, not sure why they didn't come out
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Congrats dude. Ibanez S series guitars are f'king sweet.
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'grats dude. Can't go wrong with an Ibanez Prestige.
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HNGD! Looks sweet!
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I hate anyone who owns an Ibanez prestige. Mainly because I'll most likely never own one lol. HNGD
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**** bro, thats the one with a non locking trem and can go from hum/sing/hum to sing/sing/sing right?. Dayum bro i've been gassing that for the longest time! lucky bastard. HNGD!
Very nice. I've been gas'n for that beast for a couple years now!
Its mik right?
Anywho happy new prestige day!!
Quote by StonedColdCrazy
Very nice. I've been gas'n for that beast for a couple years now!
Its mik right?
Anywho happy new prestige day!!

This one's MIJ. Any Prestige S after 2008 is made in Japan and anything of the 2008 model year and before is made in Korea. I know because my S2170FB is a MIK model and it's a 2008. Some say there's a big difference in quality but I honestly don't see it... then again, maybe it's just mine and I got luckier but mine plays/feels/is built just as well as any other I've tried. All Prestige series guitars are epic.

Anyway, nice guitar man! I was looking for this model in the black blond finish but ended up with an S2170FB because, like you, I found it for a great price. I absolutely adore the S series Ibanez and you literally can't go wrong with a Prestige especially for the price you got it for! HNGD man!
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How's the sustain?

I've been eyeing one of these for a while, but the stories about bad sustain keep me from buying one.