Tame impala It's not meant to be chords/tab all the way through not just the intro

Hey Id like to work out the song it's not meant to be by a band from Perth called tame impala but an entire structure of the whole song doesn't seem to exist on the Internet I've tried workIng out most of it but the chords and tabs are hard to pick out in the awesome swamp of effects so I was wondering if a more trained ear could lend well... An ear.
I've gotten the intro pretty much for bass and both guitars just the verses and chorus I can't decipher hopefully I'd like to work out all the instruments in time but the rhythm guitar and lead could be a good start the bass would also be cool
Regards a fellow musician
Sweet then help me dude what are these chords I've got the intro pretty much nailed if that helps
The bass and lead are pretty much covered, on this site and on the web, for the intro but the rhythm chords, that start about 0.40, I could work out were G or G7 then Em then C7 then Dm7 first of all do you think these are right? If so is it g or g7 and also whats the best way of playing these as full barre chords or some other way?
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Dudes c'mon surely one of youse is skilled enough on the whole internets to work this out? What is this the most impossible song of all time?