it's still light for awhile,
the sea is swimming gently near
a northern isle-
ships dock and go back
out again. oh! great russian
seaport! your wharves so
perfectly constructed! it is
you that marks the precipice of my
endeavors! to travel through
light, to comfort the universe with
a tongue so polite! the breeze
floats in up my sleeves, the
cracks between my teeth, it is
the salt i taste that reminds me
always of you! and alexandria,
between trains,
birds with
parachutes careening in and
out of her peripheral tattooing themselves
on the horizon.
a sanguine complexion,
unwilling to part with the fauna of the
great russian northwest,
she comes to me between trains,
cold and
dusty with
blue mountains in her hair.

i hear-

i forgot what i dreamt

so it goes

her backpack slips off one shoulder,
then the other-
then the sea is at our feet,
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