There are not so many demos of this pedal, but all the reviews I read are great.
Anyone has tried one? I'm looking for a boost/overdrive pedal to drive my HT-1 and I'm curious about it.
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My tots.
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I have one. It's just a tube screamer in a cool enclosure.

Am I missing something with the tots????
Quote by Griffin Effects
Am I missing something with the tots????

Picking up on a typo.
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These Blood Drive pedals used to be cheap. I picked mine up new for $28 shipped. Since they aren't in production anymore people want more for them so unless you like the coffin shape and graphics, might as well just pick up a Tubescreamer. I believe the Blood Drive was true bypass though if that makes a difference.

Wisthekiller is right though. There are tons of other TS clones out there that are cheaper.
Get a delta labs tube overdrive, or a Digitech Bad Monkey. Same thing, different packaging.
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