Hey guys, so I'm looking into buying Apple's Logic Pro 9 Studio off of ebay to get a deal for the fraction of the price. And everything looks good, CD's there and everything except a couple issues arises...
1) It's the Academic Version, so I know that has some limitations

2) I believe while you can install Logic on multiple Mac's, the Serial Number it comes with can become blacklisted if you use it too much... and I don't believe you can have Logic running on separate Mac's with the same Serial Number at the same time...

Those are my concerns... if anybody knows much about buying Logic used, I would appreciate any advice, Thanks.
As far as he serial number goes, you have to make sure the seller has deactivated his license before you buy it or you won't be able to register/activate it. According to Apple's EULA the license can be sold once.

As far as how many machines it can be installed on, I'm not sure what the limit is. In regards to it being the academic version, usually that means it is fully functional but non-upgrade able.
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It can only be installed on two computers registered to the same person. Apple has a downloadable versoin now for 200 since they discontinued the hard copy. I did manage to pick up the hard copy from b&h photo and video. Its a great program but i do advise getting the apple pro training series books to help you learn it.