A few years back I found an old Yamaha FG-75 in one of my parents closets. It has a red label. When I asked my dad about it, he said he tried to learn how to play back in the late 70's and bought this at a pawn shop (he said he never really learned how to play). I tried looking up some info about it, but about all I can gather is that red labels apparently are a good thing, and that I can visually tell that it has a rosewood fingerboard and that the body looks like aged spruce. Amazingly it's in good condition besides some dings that were probably there when he bought it, and a stripped screw on the back of the headstock. Does anyone know much about these guitars? I'm not really looking to sell it or anything, I'm just curious about things like it's value and just any specs anyone might know. I usually play electric, and my knowledge of acoustics is very limited. Thanks

EDIT: When I say my knowledge of acoustics is limited, I mean I don't know much about brands and common specs other than that spruce and rosewood common, etc. I've played them plenty for different reasons for years, just never learned much about them past that.
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The 2011 Price Guide doesn't list that model specifically, but does list the FG series. The FG series is listed in my book from Lower End to Highest End. Not knowing exactly where this model fits in, it could range anywhere from $150 to $500. Of course, some dings and a stripped screw would subtract from its value.
Supposedly the red label adds some sort of value too? I'm not sure if it says anything about that. They've changed the FG series considerably over the years, and I can't find anything with the serial number so who knows, but I doubt it is a very expensive guitar anyways. It sounds surprisingly good though, probably because of the aged wood I'm guessing.
The Guide makes no mention of labels. My wife owns an older Yamaha acoustic. It was a $500 guitar new. Tone isn't too bad, but not as good as my Taylor 314CE.

If you locate the serial number, let me know. The Guide does explain their system.
Apparently the red label indicated made in Japan", while the others were made in Taiwan.

I had one, my first guitar purchased about 1974. Nice little guitar after a set-up.

Apparently the older ones often need neck re-sets.
I think actually the neck is in good shape. It's like playing a tree trunk but supposedly that was common for those. It's a lot harder to play than my Fender, but it sounds a lot better, so ill just have to adjust myself to it; neither are like a Taylor though, thats for sure lol. Also the serial number is 20419510.