Hello, guys!

I've been having the time of my life with the tube amplifier I purchased 2 months ago. I am indeed in love with its sound. Anyhow, I need tips on maintaining the condition of the amplifier (wattage tips, power, knowing when to change tubes, etc), because I want to keep it intact both physically and sonically.

My amp is a 1990's Groove Tubes Soul-O 75 Slave. It has two Svetlana 6L6 tubes, Big transformers by Mercury Magnetic, and a Jensen 4 ohm Neo-100

I would appreciate the advice.
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Always allow a good amount of warm up time for your tubes after you power on and before you take it off standby.

Having said that, also get a spare set of tubes for it and just store them away.

Tubes can go bad at anytime. It's always easier to just reach into the cupboard for the spare than to have the amp out of operation while you have to go and find a replacement.
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^^ This.
Always have a spare set of power tubes and at least one spare preamp tube.
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i would recommend using something along the lines of Deoxit on the pins when changing tubes, as it is a contact cleaner.

again as stated tubes can go whenever. keep some on hand.

also move the preamp tubes around as far as location goes, sometimes you can get a nice surprise.

honestly they are pretty low maintenance. i have quite a few amps, and i think i only went through a set of power tubes on my Blue Voodoo, and had a preamp tube go microphonic in the Nitro. consider that i play a few hours a day and have ten or so heads.
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