Hello Ultimate Guitar, I have been able to figure out how some songs from "Santana Brothers" are played. I have been able to play "Luz Amor Y Vida," "En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor," "Contigo," all the way through the end accurately; even up to the fading ends using audacity to raise the volume so that I can hear the playing. I've been playing these songs for well over 6 months in learning how they are played and they sound accurate to me note for note. I'm a big Santana fan.

The song I am currently working on is "La Danza." I can play all of it accurately up until the 4 minute 15 second mark. I am stuck on this part and have no clue how to recreate the sound. I know the first two notes played at this point, but the third note I cannot figure out. It sounds like a bend but then something is added during said bend that I cannot figure out. I think it might have something to do with the whammy bar but i'm not entirely sure.

Here is a link of the song


I would appreciate any help in finding ways to play this part. Anything else after that part I can play, but with these effects and such it makes it quite difficult to really hear how to play the part I described.