Hi guys,

I need a 20KRA potentiometer and I can't find one anywhere!!! It's a 20Kohm reverse audio taper pot.

Anyone have a good source for potentiometers? Closest I found was a 50KRA.

Crate part number 70-203-23 in schematics, 71-203-71 on casting of pot. I measured it at 20K ohms before I obliterated it trying to push the shaft back in the bushing. Sad day.

Needs to be PCB mountable. Pics below. Shaft length 10mm, shaft width 3-4mm.

I found 2 on Mouser that are 25K ohm, reverse audio taper but the shaft is 6mm, where the one I removed was 3-4mm.

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They sounded similar. I found a 20K W-taper reverse. Shaft diameter is too large so I will drill the chassis. Not many options.

I called Crate (loud technologies) and ordered the pot. Very easy and great service over the phone.

Just wanted to include that bit of info in case anyone is searching in the future.
search ebay for a C20k pot may provide more fruit
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