If you enjoy music that puts you in an optimistic state, listen to this piece. It is an acoustic track with an ambiental flare. I recorded one improv track and then tweeked the elements. Get lost in it.

Quantum Entanglement
Firstly, good job both of you guys I liked both your songs.

@Maiden, it's a pretty interesting piece for some reasons it reminded me of Donnie Darko. I enjoyed how all the background elements fit together despite how much is going on none of the echos dominated one another.

@Resonance Both acoustics rifts at the start are solid, although your transitions at 1:20 seemed a bit rough but it's probably because it's recorded in more then one take .

The solo was great although when you jumped into it I was kind of like "where did this come from?" so it did kind of lack build up. A bit to much distortion on the solo I think, I wouldn't mind hearing it clean or with a more bluesy tone but that's just my opinion.
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Yeah it was two different takes and I was trying to blend them while keeping time, I notice it every time I hear it but it's too late to change lols D:> But next time ill fix it :P

Definitely like your style! It was a great listen. I'll subscribe to your channel!
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Definitely like your style! It was a great listen. I'll subscribe to your channel!

Awesome, thanks!! I plan on coming out with a new song pretty soon, within the next month. It will have a similar style, but I hope to save for a mic to record vocals soon. It's gonna tell a story, I have the chord progression already laid out. It will be called something along the lines of "Comatose", which will be about a guy/girl who's bf/gf goes into a coma for awhile, but then at the end of the song they wake up (hate sad endings lol.) Im excited to see what I come up with in terms of riffs
Yeah it can be hairy getting it to line up nicely when you break it down into multiple parts, but it happens so no biggy it's still a solid tune