Hello all!

I am very new to acoustic guitars, I have been playing on a Les Paul Custom for 2 years, but I want to get into acoustic. I have bought a Takamine EG124C which is wonderful. But it still has the stock strings on it.

What strings should I get for it ? and gauge ?
I'd like a good combination between a warm and "precise" tone.

Thanks !
Good choice of guitar - I used to have a Takamine 12 string, of the 50ish guitars I've owned over the years, it's the only one I regret selling.

I always use Martin strings on my acoustics. Gauge is mostly preference, but a set of .10s should be a good bet to provide you with a nice sounding tone.
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+1 On the Martins. They're nice.

D'Addario are much sharper and crisper sounding I've found though.
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I prefer DR strings over the Martins... they feel smoother with less drag on the fingertips. The tone is also more lively.
I like Elixir Nanoweb. They last a lot longer. I think .10s is a bit light for acoustic, I believe .12s are stock usually.
I put martins on pretty much every acoustic I play. They last pretty well, the price isn't killer, and the box is just so cool. C'mon, who can resist those colors!
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elixir or helix strings are my preference. i also prefer a .12 or .11. my coated elixirs lasted forever and i didn't find much of a noticeable difference in tone due to the coating. they just lasted much longer