Poll: What goes best between two slices of bread?
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View poll results: What goes best between two slices of bread?
2 1%
19 11%
Cold cuts
21 12%
Steak or chicken
19 11%
53 30%
Another slice of bread
10 6%
5 3%
Hummus (?)
5 3%
Traditional sandwich fillings
13 7%
30 17%
Voters: 177.
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Inspired by latest few breakfasts (maple bacon sandwiches). Poll coming
My God, it's full of stars!
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My first thought

OT: You first have to turn your slices of bread into french toast. Then, and only then, are you ready to crown the slices of golden deliciousness with bacon and syrup.

PB & J


PB, Butter and Honey

Because I'm 8 and cold cut sandwiches make the bread stick to the roof of my mouth.
I enjoy putting chips in mine
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Peanut butter and mini marshmallows. Or peanut butter and marshmallow fluff.
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BLT all the way.

God I'm turning more American by the day...
deli ham, turkey, roast beef, american cheese, swiss cheese, mustard, and pickles. With a side of chips that I then put on the sandwich.

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Peanut butter, jelly, and psychedelic mushrooms.
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I enjoy most sandwiches the same, but my favorite combination would have to be a pizza sub at Subway with extra banana peppers.

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Ham and cheese then grill it to make GRILLED CHEESE!

Or this too.
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Blue Stilton, bacon or

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Bacon, egg, sauage. mushroom and sometimes with cheese. By the way, what is a tradional sandwich filling?
Has to be moist to counter all the bready dryness, so turkey with cranberry sauce, or cheese with a shit ton of mayo.
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ham + cheese + grill = grilled ham and cheese

We call it tosti no matterwhat the**** is inside.
As long as its toasted in a waffle-esque machine.
Ham and mayo.

Or peach jelly and peanut butter.


BLT is the best sandwich ever though, but i'm never prepared to make one for myself.
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Chicken teriyaki from Subway.
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Peanut butter

There. I made you a sandwich.
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