Hey there.
My name is john and im net at the forums .
I have a question for which i could not found an answer online so im wondering if you guys can help me.
I started playing guitar on a 09 electric that was borrowed , i didnt want to buy a guitar so i would give up on playing it 2 weeks later but i stuck to it .
Now i have a fender cd 60 , its a great guitar with a deep warm sound and i love the low gauge 0,12 strings that alllow me to use alternate tunings but in this guitar i cant fingerpick bar chords.
I can strum them but the last two strings on a bminor barre chord are completly flustered.
I have strained my fingers so much pushing the strings as far as i can but i can´t get a perfect fingerpicked b minor of f# bar chord.
Im begginign to think its impossible , can you guys help me out?
It really depends. I play gypsy jazz mostly on my acoustic and I still can't play too many bar chords as it hurts my thumb after about 45 seconds. I try to eliminate notes I don't play so I can modify my fingering. Like, instead of barring an A major chord, I'll grasp the E string with my thumb and mute the A string while using my other fingers to play the other notes.

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