that's too bad, he was one of the two candidates i actually liked.
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it's a shame. had he gotten the nomination I seriously would've considered voting for him. but republicans don't want a sensible person focused on reuniting the country. the GOP is so out of touch. huntsman easily had the best chance of beating Obama. Obamas going to get re-elected in a landslide. Centrists won't vote for Santorum and conservatives won't vote for Romney.
I'd have considered voting for him had he ever had a shot.
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Being a Mormon candidate is difficult. Being the 2nd most popular Mormon candidate is even harder. He was polling extremely lowly in South Carolina, and would have had no chance of gaining support in any other state with a large Evangelical base.

South Carolina is probably going to weed out Rick Perry as well. It's going to become Romney vs. Gingrich/Santorum vs. Paul.
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They took a poll in south carolina and Stephen Colbert polled better than huntsman did
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Never liked him for some reason
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Huntsman's the only Republican candidate I would have voted for in the general election. Oh well, that just made my decision a lot easier.
Gary Johnson ftw
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John Huntsman can get FUCKED. How about we only send your family on a ground invasion to Iran instead with your ****ing shit-swoop haired ass?
And there goes the only sane candidate.

"What's that, he created more jobs than any other state? Nah man RON PAUL WOOP WOOP WOOPP!!!!"

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Colbert has a much better shot now.