I have a hss guitar project and want a p90 for the bridge but am not sure what to do with the neck position. Would a single. Oil be a noticeable volume drop, If so, would a stacked single work better. I'd add another p90 but I'm not routing this guitar so I want to work with what it's already got.

I'll be buying from iron gear pickups uk. I have good experience with their pickups and they are cheap as anything =] I've been in touch with them but woul like more input
P90 in the bridge, higher output singles in the middle/neck should work pretty well.
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You wouldn't need the single in the neck to be as high output, since the bridge position is usually a little weaker output wise anyways. Remember, a p90 is in essence a big high output single coil pickup.
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Thanks man!

I was concerned because I have a guitar with a humucker bridge and single neck. It sounds strange switching between them because there is a noticeable volume drop and also a noticeable output drop. I use it to switch between the two on purpose now, but I'd like a fairly balanced guitar out of this one.
Yeah, p90s aren't as high output as buckers, just make sure the single coil you get isn't a low output model, then you might notice.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
don't think a stacked would make much difference unless it's higher output

you might have a similar problem with the p90 as you do with a humbucker. depends on the output of the p90s and neck single, of course. if you get a hotter neck single and lower output p90 it's probably going to help. don't go crazy and get the absolute hottest neck single you can with the lowest output p90, though.
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