I have been working on sweeping for a while now and I can pretty much play standard 5 string sweep patterns at a reasonable speed. However I am finding that certain strings are ringing out when I play them, notably the G.

I'm fairly sure this is not due to my left hand, because I have practiced lifting my fingers correctly. I think it is to do with my right hand but I am not sure.

Can anyone give me advice?
An issue i find sometimes is that I'm hitting natural harmonics when transitioning from one string to another, especially at the 12 fret. maybe thats the case?
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Well, if they ring out ascending, it's a right hand problem. If they ring out when descending, it's a left hand problem.

This should cover it - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIEnzboW0Hc

And Impossible Em11 Sweep should definitely cover it :P
Here read this, it should help: http://www.guitarlearningtips.org/guitar-technique/sweep-picking-exercises/

I am talking about the mindset you have to have when playing sweep picking.

Hope it helps,