I liked your ideas but it seemed to take a long time before any sort of new phrasing was going on. I would try to shorten the song a bit since its pretty repetitive. I like it and its very relaxing, but you should try taking off a min or 2 from the intro and try to build up those different melodies to come in sooner instead of much later. maybe try to add a little piano as well? good job though.
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I agree with the dude above. I still like it tho...very calming. I think a lil nice clean lead would sound good over it. Or piano lead. I love the harmonizing guitars towards the end. It sounds great. really good job building thru the whole song. i just think it needs just a lil something more in the beggining. not to much as to build of too quick...just something lil. Vocals would help it to. Great job tho...keep it up man
thanks for the crit on mine
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I agree with these guys. Need a little something extra added on/a switch up, cause, though good, is repetitive. With that said I really do like the way it sounds, it actually gave me chills (the good kind), and reminds me of some really soothing modest mouse instrumentals or explosions in the sky or something.

So yea keep working with that idea cause I like it a lot, but get something extra to so its not just 2 chords or whatever the whole time.
i sent you my crit on your youtube, thanks bro, awesome stuff
i enjoyed the length, im used to that stuff, if i were doing it it would have gone on for days although if you had a violin, it would sound nice, and maybe piano? not sure on the piano, but definitely some strings
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