Well, I've come here for help. I've been playing guitar for a few years now, and I've taken lessons for maybe one of those years (the first.) Therefore I'm versed in correct posture/hand positions etc, however lessons never really taught me much beyond that. I've gotten to the point where I can play most things if given a tab and some time to learn it. It takes me a little while, but I can imitate some very advanced guitarists.

My problem is: I know hardly anything to do with theory. I know the basics of forming chord progressions (based on I II III, etc), and how basic scales are formed, but hardly anything beyond that. This means that I can't really improvise, write my own music(beyond simple chord strums), or jam.

My question is: How do I improve and become my own guitarist, and not just one that can imitate songs?

tl;dr: I can play songs if you give them to me, but I want to be able to be better than that, what do I do?
well it seems you found your problems already tyr studying musis theory a bit that really helped me

also when your playing try playing something you know you cant play try doing that eveyr day

oh and listen to your self playnot just hear but listen to how your notes sound and how they work toghether
Yeah, I guess my question was asking for resources, like ways/sites to learn some more theory that would be helpful, and what theory stuff i should place under the highest priority.
Quote by qaz923
Yeah, I guess my question was asking for resources, like ways/sites to learn some more theory that would be helpful, and what theory stuff i should place under the highest priority.

oh in that case go to musictheory.net it will teach you all the basics you need to know and then you can read the articles "the crusades" by colohue here they have alot of information to keep you busy for awhile
Hi, i know what you are going through.

A plateau can happen because some reasons like :

1. as you said you studied with a teacher this means you got some basic concepts down and you sticked to those . This causes you to play the same things over and over. Music is a vocabulary just like speaking, the more "words" you know the more complex your speaking is.

2. another problem can be (i don't think this is your case but i will mention it so that you don't make this mistake in the future) that you learn new stuff but the problem is that you don't devote enough time to learning them the proper way until they become second nature (this takes time and in the same time it means that you play what you learn RELAXED and EFFORTLESSLY WITHOUT EVEN THINKING).

When learning a song play it until you can play it effortlessly without even thinking.

You should look out for kenny werner's effortless mastery, that book is very good.

Now to answer your question:

Take my free ebook : http://www.guitarlearningtips.org/the-guitar-blueprint-to-success/

By clicking the link you can see the table of contents.

I recommend that you read at least chapters 1 and 2 where i speak about mastering guitar from both mental and physical points of view.

By subscribing to my newsletter you will also receive advice to help you in the understanding of how music goes.

You said that you lack in theory, go to my site: www.guitarlearningtips.org and read the music theory section, there are lots of articles there that will probably eye opening for you.

Beware of the second point i talked about at point 2. Take the concepts one at a time and practice them until they become second nature (when learning a scale for example), that the way you make second nature.

Start with the book first and then build from there.

Hope they helped and good luck,

Here's my advice.

1. Take lessons from a well versed teacher
2. Make backing tracks with chords that are unusual to you and try improvising over them
3. Find chords devoid of any 3rd and play with that third. In jazz we eat open thirds up <3
4. Play with a lot of other musicians. I got into jazz because of playing with other musicians.
5. Practice; Rinse and Repeat

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