can anyone help -

Ive recently started playing electric guitar live again after a long stint on the bass. As a result i have dusted off the old guitar amps and want to start experimenting with tone.

At he moment i am using a laney tf700 head which i brought in a panic off a friend because my laney gh50l blew mid gig (literally had been in the attic for two years prior to being used for first time) is currently being re valved and serviced. I love the tone produced by the gh50l especially overdriven, however the amp offers no reverb to add to my clean sound which would be nice. whilst temporarily using the tf700 i have found that the clean sound really sparkles and is exactly what iam after however the overdrive channels don't stand up.

What i would like to do ideally is rig up the two heads together, using a single 4x12 cab and use the clean sound of the tf200 and then boost by adding the overdrive of the gh50l.

Would the following be safe and work effectively?

Guitar input to TF200
TF200 effect loop send to GH50L effect loop return
GH50L to cab

As far as i know the gh50l has to be connected to a cab and therefore would have to be second in the chain, which as suits using the tf200 as a preamp for its reverb and adding the gain with the gh50l.

Does this sound ok to try? any thoughts would be much appreciated.

it would be much easier to just run each to a seperate cab then A/B the amps with a A/B box. It would probably provide alot less headaches and time. I would say go get a 2x12 cab or even a 1x12 to run your clean tones.

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Isn't it simpler to check if your cab has 2 inputs and just use an A/b box?
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Yeah the cab does have two inputs - so does that mean i can split the signal from the guitar to each amp separately then run each into an input of the cab. How would i do that?

If it has two inputs and a stereo switch, make sure it's set to stereo and plug one amp into each input. Make sure the amp matches the impedance the cab lists for stereo mode. Mine for example is a Marshall 1960A. In Stereo mode it splits the cab in half (right and left sides.) The selector on the back tells me that each input will run at 8 Ohms in stereo so each amp needs to be set to an 8 Ohm impedance.