I looked at the back of my peavey 5150 (2x12 combo version) and saw a switch that had a positive setting, a 0 setting (in the middle), and a negative setting. Next to the swithc it reads "GND.".

What does that mean?
Most of the time it should be left in the center position. It's a ground lift switch, the idea is to get rid of noise from ground loops...like if you're playing through multiple amps simultaneously and getting humming noises as a result. If you lift the ground on an amp when it's just being used on its own, there is some risk of electrical shock.
Means you don't have new gear right now.
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Well I'm not playing throught multiple anything. Just guitar>cable>amp.

I'll switch it to 0 just because though if thats whats recomended.
It's also good on stage, if your amp, is plugged into a different circuit than your PA.. You haven't lived until you're holding your guitar... walk up to your mic, and a 3 inch blue spark shoots from the mic to your teeth...... That'll wake you up...

If your amp is humming a bit.. move the switch till it stops... if it doesn't stop.. check the mic with your hand first... it'll still bite.... just not as hard...
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I like to think it means 'Guns, Nukes, Decoupage.' An efficient way of dealing out one's wrath with bullets, radiation and brightly coloured paper cutouts.

But it's probably a ground lift switch.