Hi Everyone! I finally decided to make an account here in UG.

Allow me introduce myself,

I'm Andrew, and a Lead/Rythm guitaris of 3 years
I play a wide range of genres except for Pop and Counrty
I've been learning and honing various skills before I hop on the music scene.
I like to make my guitar talk (Scream, Cry, and everything in between)

Oh and before I forget, my guitar is named Jessica

You'll be hearing more from of us soon!
My Setup:

Slammer XP-1 by Hamer w/ SD's Hot Rodded Humbuckers
Jay Turser JT-RR100 (Custom)
Barracuda Les Paul (Custom)
Peavey ValveKing Head/Cab
Line 6 Spider III 120w Combo
Boss Metal Zone MT-2
DigiTech RP300A Mulit-Effects Pedal