So here's the deal. I've got a Boss TU-3 that is powered by a Boss PSA Adapter. Which is now not working. So I grabbed one of my back-ups(not a Boss PSA but correct voltage) to make sure the tuner itself was working. Came on for a second and then I turned it off, and tried it on one of my other pedals. Worked. Plugged it back into my tuner, and then that power supply went out. So I'm afraid to plug my last remaining power supply in but it's working fantastically on my other pedals. Anyone have a clue what the problem is? Also, right now I'm borrowing my buddies TU-3 while I wait on my insurance money to come in because mine quit out on me. Could this all be being ' caused by one thing?
Quote by Nick-Baros
Could this all be being ' caused by one thing?

I'd say it's your tuner...
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