I really liked the beginning. It reminded me of Slowdive. Also, it reminded me of Riders on the Storm a little bit. You might want to beef up the fuzz bit in the middle. I really liked the part after that. The phaser in the background was a nice touch.

What'd your set up look like for this? I dig it.

If you don't mind, could you check this out?

eh, im not even gonna bother with adding more fuzz, maybe when i rerecord it with a female singer, il do what you said, but im really diggin your song. its a bit like....comets in the sky? or a place to bury strangers, very shoegazy, i liked it.

iv got my brothers small peavy amp, that little one guitar center always has, with the built in effects, iv got my strat, my starcaster srum set recorded with my rock band mic. i have my cazio wk210 keyboard. so guitar and keys go into the amp and recorded with the line out to my shitty laptop with audacity.
i wish i had a nice mic to record with...
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Very nice intro it's very chill too listen too, at the same time unsettling for some reason... Sounds like it could go in a movie. Interesting drums, they kind of sounds like toy drums, which is cool. Awh it changed, you shouldn't of added in the distorted rhythm thing IMO, you should of repeated it with a little fuzz riff that built into the tremelo picking part and it would of been really nice sounding. Also, I don't have a very good mic either, but a trick is to record it twice and pan one half right and pan the other half left and have a bass line in the middle, it makes it sound a lot fuller. C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1512464