Hello all!

I am wanting to begin some work on slide guitar on my electric, and was curious as to where to begin. I have little experience with slide, and less with musicians who utilize it. If in your post you would include the artist, a song from the artist (or multiple songs), and if you know the tuning for the guitar that would be great. I would like to keep in standard mostly, but am not against alternate tuning.

Thanks to all input!
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Free Bird.

Alot of Ccr songs use a dobro, Lookin Out my Backdoor is in open G though. (d-g-d-g-b-d)

Oh yeah lookup Ry Cooder. Feelin bad blues.
Also watch the movie Crossroads if you havent.
Its pretty much ry cooder (karate kid pretending)vs steve vai
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Check out the early Allman Brothers albums, when Duane was still with us. Allman played a distinctive slide style, using his famous Coricidin bottle for a slide. He played in both open tunings and in standard.
As well, some of the recordings he did with Clapton, famously "Layla".

When playing in standard tuning, you usually play single-note lines much as a lead player would, just using the slide instead of fretting the notes. It's vital to damp the strings behind the slide to avoid extraneous noise.
You place the slide directly over the frets, not slightly behind as you would if playing normally.

Playing in open tunings is pretty much standard for Delta blues and similar styles. There are tons of good instructional videos on YouTube.