Thinking of getting a budget acoustic with these following features.
I wonder if your collective brain power can suggest any that fit the bill:

2.Dreadnought shape (or at least not a cutaway)
3.Solid top
4.Scratch plate
5.Two strap buttons

6. and preferably a 24.5" scale length (though less important)

for under £400

Have only found a Dean that matches these, though not sure about point 5.
24.5" scale or less? good luck with that. that's shorter than martin short scale, and very rarely used. i play only small guitars, and it's been very difficult finding one with that short a short scale. with a dread - well, i've never seen a dread under 24.9" as far as i know - most are around 25.5" scale - and i've been a guitar geek for years.

if you can go with 24.84", you might find a seagull s6 entourage Q1 for that price if you search or find one on sale. not sure if it has 2 strap buttons but you can always add one. nice solid top guitar, seagull makes good stuff. this is their entry level axe, but to my ear seagulls sounds better than any dean i've tried.
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