All I have now is a Fender Mustang I, and I'm looking to upgrade to a nice tube amp. I'd like something that can sound good both at bedroom and small gigging volume. I'm playing with a MiM HSS Strat and I want something that can do anything from a nice clean or bluesy tone, to a modern metal type of thing, and everything in between. I'd prefer a somewhat lightweight amp. (Around 30-40 pounds or so, less would be even better). My budget is around 500 dollars. A maximum of around 600, probably.
I would say get a fender deluxe reverb, you could probably get one used for around six hundred dollars, you aren't gonna find any distortion on this beaut, but you could just pick up a distortion pedal for under a $100
I have the Fender G-Dec thirty and Im pretty happy with it, maybe not for playing live but for practice and just playing in your room or very small events it works like a charm, dont realy know the price tag on it, I bought mine a good while ago but it shouldnt be that expensive
i second the deluxe reverb
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I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well