What do y'all do when you're playing in front of people and your nose starts to itch?

You know how it feels like you've got a hair just tickling the end of your nose?

It drives me crazy, and if I'm just practicing, I can stop and scratch, but if I'm playing in front of people, well, I'm bad enough without dropping the guitar and scratching like I want to.

So how do y'all handle it?
If you're playing chords just hold the chord for a bar, itch quickly and carry on strumming.
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I don't think that's ever happened to me.
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December 14, 2017
If Jason Becker could yo-yo and play at the same time, then surely you could scratch your nose with little to no difficulty. MAN UP!!!
Look at one of your close friends, an understanding will pass between you, run at them and vigously rub your nose on them while maintaining the song, nothjing will be amiss i assure you. Also my friend says that chickens can curen everything, consult them on this issue, they shall guide you to the true path

Rub your nose on your shoulder; if you practice enough, i dont think you need to look to play.
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