Hey guys, back again with an oldish but new song. I wrote a previous version about a year and a half ago which I ended up scrapping, and now, today I completely rewrote it.

Couple things: A guitar solo will probably go around the 2:30 mark.
I'm using a $20 mic, so the vocals aren't the best as they could be. Although I will admit some parts I probably just didn't try hard enough.

Anyways, C4C.

Love the rhythm of the distortion guitar bro. Not a fan of the screaming, but that's a personal bias (I prefer guitars to be screaming at me than vocals, as a apprentice carpenter I get enough screaming from my boss lmao) Forgive me for saying, it kinda sounds like you got one of those popcorn kernal shells stuck in your throat and you're trying to coax it on up xD Sorry coudnt resist :3 C4C?
Thanks! I know the vocals weren't as good as they could be, my voice was giving out a little while recording this. Plus I never realized how difficult it would be to go at a faster pace hahah, so my words were getting a little jumbled/shortened. I plan on redoing the vocals eventually for sure, juts wanted to finalize this so I know what it sounds like.
Well I like the music, can't fault the guitar and drums. and considering your using a very cheap mic the recording quality aint to shabby. The vocal melody is pretty good, but the vocal style is rather grating, even if your into that sort of music I'd definately try something else for the vocals just to see if it improves matters (I think it will quite drastically). Good song though

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Thanks. I didn't use the mic itself for the instruments, all guitars were direct line in. For the drums I used EZDrummer: DFK. If I could, I would definitely try other vocal styles, alas I am a terrible vocalist when it comes to singing. The reason the growls don't necessarily fit I guess, is I'm doing inhales which don't sound the greatest to begin with. But I'm progressively getting better with exhales and hoping to redo most of my songs once I can do them.
love the intro riffs. they remind me of something out of amon amarth. the vocals are a tiny bit too loud over everything in my opinion. at around 30 seconds when you guys go into that new riff I think its a little to soon to stop like that. if possible I would try to keep playing without stopping and just transition into that new riff. sounds cool, good job!
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