This is probably the most noob question ever, but I'm getting frustrated since it seems like I can't find anything on connecting a mixer to an audio interface to allow for simultaneous multi-track recordings where each instrument gets a separate track (i.e. drum kit, each part of kit would have it's own track). If anyone could please walk me through how to do this, or if it is even possible given my equipment, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm using a Behringer X1204USB Digital Mixer, a TASCAM US-1800 Audio Interface, and Logic Express 9 on my Macbook. For the record, my mixer does NOT have channel inserts. I'll provide links below incase anyone would like a visual on what my equipment looks like.

Behringer X1204USB

Looks like the x1204 is an audio interface. why go to the tascam at all? Looks like it has plenty of inputs. maybe ive completely missed something..
Well how are you recording your instruments, mics, or do want a direct line in recording? You could go straight to the tascam if you wanted, otherwise, you plug your instruments into the behringer and set the mix, volume and panning for each individual track, then run XLR cables from the outputs of the behringer to the inputs on the tascam and hit record.
Just bypass the mixer.

You don't need it.
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Just bypass the mixer.

You don't need it.

+1. Why do you even need the mixer? Just a waste of space, when you can do everything it can do, better, on your computer, with just the Tascam...

I don't think you can record separate tracks from the Behringer mixer either way, it doesn't have separate outs for each channel, from what I can tell. Just left and right sides.
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