Hello everybody this is my first post and appreciate any input you can give me. I have been looking into getting my first electric guitar and am looking at getting either a new 112v for right around $300 and found a 2010 G&L legacy tribute at a local store that is in perfect condition for just shy of $400. Is stepping up to the g&l worth the price difference or should i just stick with the Yamaha? Again thanks for any input in advance.
The Pacifica would be more versatile (has got an humbucker while the GL has just three single coils). Another difference is that the Pacifica has an alder body while the GL has basswood body. I've the Pacifica 112v and I like it, the two single coils are probably the cleanest, brightest ones you can find in that price range; the only thing i'm not too fond of is the humbucker (it's mediocre, just too muddy), however I just use it when I want to play some heavy stuff with my distortion pedal, if you're going to play metal a lot I'd suggest you to look elsewhere thou.
The G&L im looking at is actually swamp ash as opposed to the basswood if that makes any big difference. Keep the advice coming please
Get the G&L, awesome guitars.
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G&L tribute anyday while i'm not sure if some of the posters here realise that the tribute is there MIK budget model, it will still be of much higher quality then a pacifica 112.
so it is clearly worth the $100 price difference, is $400 a reasonable deal for a used but basically brand new tribute?
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so it is clearly worth the $100 price difference, is $400 a reasonable deal for a used but basically brand new tribute?

Yea, easily. its easily a step up or two on the pacifica.
the newer tributes are made in Indonesia as opposed to Korea, this one is from Indonesia are they built any worse then the Korean guitars?
It'd still be of higher range then the pacifica. With the parts alone they use high quality stuff on there. I believe (correct me if i'm wrong) they use the same pickups as the american guitars. Would 2010 be MII?
anyway i'd still say G&L
G&L is going to be much higher quality.
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jesus man. G&L. this isnt even a ligitimate question. this is a no brainer.
I was going to come up with a witty analogy for how rediculous that question is but I failed.

Go G&L.
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I would have it already except my work schedule doesn't allow it, luckily the shop has put it away for me until Friday. Now the game of waiting has begun